Mahmoud Omer, Director of Heritage and Cultural Programs

Mahmoud Omer is a Canadian of Eritrean descent and a loving husband and father to four children. He is very passionate about helping others and giving back to his local community as much as possible. Mr. Omer started his career in the oil and gas industry. Soon after that, he continued his studies to graduate as a power engineer from University of Regina. Now Mr. Omer is working with SaskPower as a process operator.

Outside of his daily job, Mahmoud likes to volunteer and help local communities. He became a volunteer for Regina Open Door society in 2016, where he started assisting newcomers to better integrate into the larger society, especially during the Syrian refugee resettlement initiative. He also volunteered as a poll worker in the previous elections in the province.

In addition, Mr. Omer is a volunteer with the Regina Food Bank and the Canadian Blood Services in Regina as a way to give back to his community. Mahmoud Omer is the founding member and a chairperson for the Eritrean Muslim Association in Regina which is a non-profit organization that focuses on civic, social, literary, athletic activities.

Aside from that, Mahmoud also has a variety of hobbies, including playing soccer, reading, exploring the outdoors, and connecting with people. He is one of those who never give up, focusing on success and consistently trying to find the right plan that helps them achieve their goals.

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