Membership is open to any individual, family or organization, resident in Saskatchewan, that identifies with goals and values of the organization.

Membership agreement:

  • Members agree to respect and subscribe to the values (unity, collaboration, professionalism, family centered) of ACRN.
  • Members agree to pay annual dues and support the organization as volunteers.
  • There are two types of membership: Regular and Associate. Individuals (1 vote) and organizations (2 votes) can be members under both categories.
  • Only regular members can vote at general meetings. Organizational members may send two voters.


Please enclose payment as follows:

  • Regular/individual: $20
  •  Regular/organization: $50
  •  Associate/individual: $10
  • Associate/organizationl: $25


Download, complete and submit the volunteer application form.

For any inquiries related to volunteer opportunities, please contact us at:

Phone: +1 306-359-8227



Suite #320A-2505 11th Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 0K6 Canada

Phone: 1-306-359-8227